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The history of this festival is born out of a musical journey. QM Records decided to put on a musical festival one day in 2017 and now the festival is on the 5th Edition which will be the first time MOVES festival arrives in Bradford - 28th and 29th of July.


The First MOVES Festival was in 2017 at Patterns Nightclub in Brighton. 2 dudes from a well traveled band with a burgeoning label decided to invite some musical friends to take over 2 floors of a nightclub. MOVES was born.


It was a struggle to put the event on annually thus the festival has been popping up finding a vibe at The Old Market, Brighton where the festival has been for the last 3 occasions recently returning on the 4th of March.


This year will see The Festival pop up in Bradford for the first time this summer. 


There's been amazing artists who have graced the MOVES Festival stages and great stories from each event. We are excited about the future of MOVES Festival.


Much Love

MOVES Festival, Brighton & Hove 2023, March 4th, The Old Market Theatre.png

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